Our training solutions are developed to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills – core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage. Leadership and management training on a wide range of solutions to give you, your people and your organization the skills and knowledge needed for effective leadership and management. When it comes to driving your business successfully, effective leadership and management is critical. We offer a comprehensive range of leadership and management training courses, covering every aspect of the discipline at every level – from leadership and management development right through to project management and soft skills training.
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Leadership training to improve your communication, influencing, strategy and leadership skills
Nurturing effective leadership throughout your organization improves communication, clarifies strategy and enables you to meet your business goals. To help you achieve these aims, we offer a complete range of training courses to develop inspirational leadership throughout your organization. By adopting an engaging approach, our range of leadership training solutions covers a broad range of topics, including:
• Communication
• Influencing
• Problem solving
• Strategic thinking
• Creativity

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Coaching and mentoring skills to develop yourself and others. Developing others is a fundamental role of management, enabling organizations to grow and build futures. We can support you in developing the approaches required to be an effective coach and the principles applied to mentoring. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Ideal for those managing teams who wish to improve results, staff retention and personal development we can facilitate to teach you about:
  • The role of coaching as a management tool
  • Identifying preferred coaching styles
  • Applying the GROW model to coaching interventions
  • Recognizing and satisfying the need for mentoring
  • Measuring personal effectiveness by results
Developing talent is a critical component of continuous improvement. Our interventions are designed to help you and your team work more effectively Improve the way you and your staff communicate Contact us today for more information or to book.

Communication Skills

Communication skills training for improving the way you do business, internally and externally. When all is said and done, there is more said than done. This intervention increases our ability to effect progress via powerful communications by exploring the communications process, examining current styles and identifies effective communication approaches.

Influencing Skills

Develop Influencing skills and persuasive skills you need to influence outcomes and be more effective. The ability to positively influence and persuade others is essential. Our interventions enable you to identify and apply the skills required to effectively influence outcomes through reasoning and effective tactics.

Leadership Skills

Develop your leadership skills and learn how to better inspire others
Leadership skills are essential for sustainable corporate development. They are also a key factor in successful management. Our development interventions can hone existing skills and teach new ones.

Designed for people who have acquired the learned actions of efficient management and who want to develop the attribute of inspirational leadership, this intervention demonstrates how to adopt an engaging rather than enforcing approach.

Managing Meetings

Conduct more inclusive, effective and productive meetings When it comes to running meetings, managing agenda items, time restraints and the personalities involved can be challenging. This interventions provides facilitation to anyone who chairs and attends meetings which may be failing in their purpose. This intervention will provide you with an insight into people and time management to ensure meetings are more effective and productive.

Managing Teams

Learn techniques and tools for managing teams.

Managing people and personalities to deliver effective and efficient team working is an essential skill for any supervisor, team leader or manager. Our interventions are designed for those responsible for making teams work effectively, be they direct reports or members of project groups.

Performance Management

Helping employers to build and manage people’s performance.
The most important element of an organization’s success is its people. Motivated, trained and experienced employees drive creativity, strategy and profits. The most expensive asset within an organization is its employees. Our performance management intervention introduces you to the skills required to manage talent, develop potential and close underperformance gaps.

Problem Solving Through Creative Thinking

Problem solving through creative thinking interventions to stimulate and encourage creative thinking.

Making the right decisions in business can be the difference between success and failure. Organizations need employees with analytical, problem-solving and decision making skills which are second to none, to ensure quality management, increase profit and achieve growth targets.
Our problem solving interventions introduces you to techniques for alternative thinking. You will learn to explore ideas using open-mindedness and practising creative thinking.

Project Management

This training has been designed to equip you with the skills needed for today’s diverse and demanding requirements in modern project management.
Successful project management today involves increased demand for quality, delivery on time, strict adherence to budget and required regulatory controls. We help you understand and gain practical experience of how to manage each stage of a project’s lifestyle to achieve these goals. We help you understand how behaviour influences productivity. We facilitate to help you know what tools you can use to improve productivity