Healence excels at providing successful, outcome-focused consulting services from concept to completion, whether you need strategic planning, unbiased assessments, objective analysis, design guidance, implementation assistance or simply a vision of what could be. The full range of best practice frameworks underpins the Healence consulting philosophy. We work with you every step of the way. Healence fulfills the role of a trusted advisor. We share our years of hard-earned knowledge and real-world experience to help you achieve your goals.


– Goal setting
– Leadership
– Skill Based
– Personality & Behaviour
– Motivation


– Performance-Based
– Leadership related
– Life related

Counselling & Therapy

– Career
– Relationship
– Habits & Addiction
– Fear, Phobia


– Organizational Behaviour & – Organizational Development
– Operations Management & Productivity
– Competency Mapping & Development Plans
– Performance Reviews
Training Need assessment