About us

About us

Healene is a consulting service in the field of organizational change. With its advisory and coaching services, Healence helps draws the best out of its clients, by translating the knowledge and creativity of the people in these organizations into tangible results.

Mr. Waman Pednekar is a entrepreneur who recently quit Corporate Life to make his contribution to the learning and development space in the field of Human Resource Development . He comes with a backing of over 20 + years of experience in the core HR Function and Operations Management.
A strong believer that Change is the only constant, he has continued to work on process change work throughout his career.

He continues to have a keen interest in Human Behaviour and human psychology and strongly believes that behaviours shape organizations.
His skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Brain Based Coaching backed by a Masters in Management Studies has helped him in pursuing his Change Management Journey across organisations. He is a MBTI & Thomas PPA Practitioner and a trained psychotherapist too. He also holds the expertise in POWER Intelligence Coaching.

Mr. Waman is a visionary, an astute administrator & a natural leader of people, with the ability to bring together professionals with varying temperaments & areas of expertise, as cohesive functional units.
His forte of building teams and creating and engaged workforce made his transition very smooth as a Entrepreneur/ Trainer. He pushed change without creating resistance for it and has played a crucial role in bringing about change in the organisational outlook, change in human behaviour, conflict resolution & maintaining harmony and management Buy in.
His financial ingenuity & result-oriented style of functioning coupled with the huge repertoire of experience that he’s gathered all through his distinguished career; make him an indispensable leader & invaluable asset to any organization.

Waman is a very focused, hardworking and result oriented person. He has a good ability to influence, establish and maintain collaboration. He has been closely involved in initiating various organisational interventions during his work tenure in the businesses he was associated with.

Our Vision 

“We believe that ‘People’ are a Strategic Assets of to tomorrows leading companies”

Our Mission – Translate Talent into Results

Since its foundation, Healence recognizes an important synergy between company objectives and the knowledge and entrepreneurship of people, as well as
the way in which talent contributes significantly to making innovation possible. Healence provides business and management consultancy and Education

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Pride in our service

  • Get an accurate reflection of leaders’impact and effectiveness
  • Improve employee engagement by creating more empowering leaders Create a healthy and productive workplace culture
  • Optimize your organization’s leadership portfolio
  • Develop high functioning senior leadership teams
  • Prepare rising leaders to take their careers to the next level